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Taizhou Daming Stainless Co., Ltd. is located in Jiangsu Province, China。We are not far from Shanghai City(200 km).The company worth(permanent assets) more than 400 million RMB(60 million USD), employ about 400 workers. We are special in researching and processing stainless steel, special alloy.We have strong R&D team and productive ability. We own several modern sets of smelting- hot rolling- pickling production line, including rolling angle flat bar line,rolling channel line,rolling round bar line.The SS angel bar production line is the largest and most advanced production line in China

In 2015,we invested 170 million RMB(26 million USD) to build the most advanced round bar production line in China.The core of equipment is bought from German Company(KOCKS).The biggest advantage of KOCKS three-roll Reducing & Sizing Block can change size(16mm~100mm) as you wish without changing the mould.And we can finish the round bar by one shape,not as usual two shape to finish the round bar.All process are controlled by computer,the cost of producing round bar can lower...
Address:The west of xinze road,Dainan Town,Xinhua,Jiangsu
Tel:0523-83885722 83885730
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